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25. Genuine thankfulness is ongoing – 30 days of thankful Scriptures

I’m a multi-tasker by nature. Maybe that goes with the territory of parenting – at least, for moms. It’s not that I’m easily distracted (although I certainly can be). It’s just that I tend to juggle several tasks and topics at once.

But the Bible talks about praying constantly and worshipping the Lord throughout each of our days. Here’s an example from the Psalms:

“In God we boast all the day long, and praise thy name for ever. Selah.” (Psalm 44:8, KJV)

Bible commentators don’t usually identify the writer of Psalm 44. It might have been King David, or it may have been another author. Either way, the one who penned those words (inspired by God) knew plenty about practicing gratitude to the Lord.

Oh, how I want that fine of a focus for Him – all day long.

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