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April 22nd - Upon the Rock

Upon the Rock

(Psalm 61; 62; 64; 69)

Lead Me to the Rock

By Nickers and Ink


All rights reserved.

In celebration of our reading through the Psalms (Hebrew poetry), Earth Day and National Poetry Month, today’s devotional entry offers a poetic prayer to the God of all Creation and the Rock of Ages.

See how many key Bible verses you recognize from our Scripture readings for today.

Why not compose your own poetic prayer and post it on your own blog today? Be sure to leave a comment with a link to your own post.

Will you pray with me?

Lead Me to the Rock

Rock of refuge, hear my call.

Hold my hand that I not fall.

Guard my heart, and make it Thine.

Lead me in the path divine.

Earth and Heaven You display,

Work Your wonders here today.

Boldly, as I face the beast,

Do I ask for Your release.

Set my feet upon Your rock;

Guide my footsteps and my talk.

Keep deceit and lying oath

From my lips’ indulgent growth.

As offenders sharpen swords,

With their most malicious words,

May Your Rock their swords scrape dull,

That their phrasings be made null.

You my firmest foothold be,

Evermore, eternally.

Rock Almighty, ever strong,

Be Thou honored by my song.


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  1. lovely psalms, i post psalms on Sunday's

    Here’s my WW hope you can stop by!

  2. Just a finely-crafted work. Devotional, without being preachy. I like this very much.

  3. Beautiful prayer Linda! Blessings & I was so glad to see that you linked to WFW & I guess WW so more will come here to follow your EXCELLENT Daily Bible in Chronological Order!

    I have appreciated everyone that I've had the chance to read though not following this reading plan, I try to venture over to glean from your SUPERB writing & wisdom. You truly are gifted in sharing His Word! Bless you as you bless me!!! Thanks for the challenge of the PRAYER using these Psalms! You've set the mark pretty high...but it's a good example.

  4. I needed this prayer today. This was a blessing.
    Happy 3WW!

  5. I'll say Amen to that. May God bless you!

    Psalm 84.11

  6. Wow! This is really beautiful Linda! Very nicely done! :-)

  7. You are so talented! I love your poem/prayer. Very inspiring!

  8. A hearty Amen! I love it! Happy WFW!

  9. Wonderful prayer! Thank you for this.


  10. Beautifully written. Bright blessings.

  11. very i start working on my beautiful rock garden...keep up the writing

  12. Beautiful natural scene. I like more rock-oriented and drier landscapes, but they all have their qualities.

    A prayer for the earth today seems quite appropriate.

  13. Keep Deceit and lying Oath...


  14. So beautiful. I love your Psalm poems : )