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April 30th - Stating His Sovereignty

Stating His Sovereignty

(Psalm 29; 33; 65; 66; 67; 68)

Psalm 29

Photo by Nickers and Ink

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Today marks the end of National Poetry Month in the United States (and Poetry Month elsewhere). It seems appropriate to include a poem in our devotional today, following the acrostic poetry format used so often by the Hebrew psalmists (see Psalms 9, 10, 25, 34, 37, 111, 112, 119 and 145).

The following acrostic poem is based on Psalm 29. (CTRL-click here to read “How to Write an Acrostic Poem” in a new window.) Because this passage resounds with the power of the Lord’s Word, the title and theme offer a verbal voice. The British form of the word “verbalise” is used, replacing the American version, “verbalize.”

Value the Lord, and offer Him the honor He deserves.

Every aspect of nature echoes with His glory.

Responding to His call, the sky roars, and the ocean trembles.

Because Jehovah is mighty, His voice breaks mighty forests.

At His Word, the mightiest majestic tree falls to the ground.

Lightning strikes when He but whispers.

Immediately, His instructions are obeyed.

Suddenly, deserts are shaken, and forests felled.

Each aspect of creation hearkens to God’s call. None deny Him.

Will we?

Will you pray with me?

Sovereign Lord

And Mighty Master,

Your power is evident

All around us.

Nature heeds Your voice.

How we deceive ourselves

When we try to ignore Your call

Or twist Your Word.

If we but look around us,

You are there.

If we examine our own hearts,

We may find You drawing us

Ever closer to You.

How may we deny Your existence,

Your power

Or Your presence in our lives?

Tune our ears to hear Your voice.

Open our mouths to answer Your call.

Soften our hearts to invite Your entrance.

Like all of Your Creation,

We belong to You.


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