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April 7th - Sacred Secrets

Sacred Secrets

(2 Samuel 5:6-12, 17-25; 6:1-12; 22:1-51)

(1 Chronicles 11:4-5, 6-9; 13:1-14; 14:1-2, 8-17)

(Psalm 18)

David Triumphant

Artist Unknown

David and his men captured the city of Jerusalem, where he settled. There, in Zion, the Lord established David’s house. God’s own army, marching atop the trees, defeated the Philistines (see 2 Samuel 5:24 and 1 Chronicles 14:15).

What was David’s response?

King David praised God for deliverance, recounting the many wonderful works of the Lord. Tucked within his extended song of worship is a wonderful revelatory key to the most sacred secrets of knowing God.

“To the faithful You show yourself faithful,

to the blameless You show yourself blameless,

to the pure You show yourself pure,

but to the crooked You show yourself shrewd.”

(Psalm 18:25-25, NIV)

Psst! Want to know a secret?

If we would like to know God, what will He require of us, but trust Him to make us faithful, blameless and pure?

Will you pray with me?

Ever-faithful God,

Above all,

We desire to know You.

Teach us to be faithful,


And pure,

That we may see You more clearly

And know You more fully


And every day.

Nothing else compares.


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