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June 26th - The Savior's Birthplace Foretold

The Savior's Birthplace Foretold

(Micah 3 – 5)

Ancient Bethlehem

By W. L. Leitch


“But as for me, I am filled with power—
with the Spirit of the Lord.
I am filled with justice and strength
to boldly declare Israel’s sin and rebellion.”

(Micah 3:8, NLT)

Overflowing with the boldness of the Lord, Micah prophesied specifically about the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. In fact, this Old Testament minor prophet pointed out, in Holy Spirit truth, how the Lord would be born in the tiny city of Bethlehem in Judah.

"But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah,
though you are small among the clans of Judah,
out of you will come for me
one who will be ruler over Israel,
whose origins are from of old,
from ancient times."

(Micah 5:2, NIV)

Surely, the Lord’s plan for redeeming humanity was established before the beginning of time. In His unfathomable wisdom, God revealed prophetic details long before such events would come to pass.

Jesus would indeed be born in Bethlehem, the City of David, in Judah. The Lord God would orchestrate His plan, even through a census order by a pagan emperor, to bring this to pass and fulfill His own prophecy.

Is not the same God able to deal with the details of our own lives today? Will we trust Jehovah, our most holy and loving Heavenly Father, to walk with us through every event He allows us to face? God stands beyond human history, and yet He is more than able to guide and guard us each day.

What a wonderful God.

Will you pray with me?

Heavenly Father,

You hold all history in Your hands.

Although You are not bound by time,

You take time to care for each life.

What a wonder You are.

Thank You for Bethlehem

And the Savior born there,

Your own Son.

Thank You for His sinless life

And for His agony

In our place

On Calvary’s cross.

Thank You for Your plan

Of redemption

And grace.

May we ever praise You

And adore You.


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June 25th - Destruction and Deliverance

Coming Clean

(Micah 1:1-16; 2:1-13)

Micah Exhorting Israel to Repentance

By Gustave Dore


Micah, “The Morasthite” (son of Moresheth), has been numbered among the minor prophets of the Old Testament. He lived and ministered around 700 B.C., primarily in Judah.

Micah’s prophecies included such specific events as the fall of Samaria and Jerusalem, included in today’s Bible readings. However, even as Micah’s words spoke of danger and destruction, he also pointed towards a hope of redemption to come.

"I will surely gather all of you, O Jacob;
I will surely bring together the remnant of Israel.
I will bring them together like sheep in a pen,
like a flock in its pasture;
the place will throng with people.

One who breaks open the way will go up before them;
they will break through the gate and go out.
Their king will pass through before them,
the Lord at their head."

(Micah 2:12-13, NIV)

Once again, the Lord God was paving the way for the coming of the Messiah. One day, His own Son, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, would become the Great Shepherd and gather a faithful flock of God’s people and save the world from sin.

May His name be forever praised.

Will you pray with me?

Gracious Lord and God,

Time and again,

Throughout human history,

You have sent prophets and teachers

To warn Your people of sin’s dangers

And call us back to You.

How grateful we are

That You sent a Savior,

Your own holy Son,

To triumph over sin and death

And purchase our freedom forever.

We love You,

And we choose to follow You

For Your great glory.


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June 24th - Coming Clean

Coming Clean

(1 Kings 15:7, 19-28, 32-35)

(2 Chronicles 26:22-23; 27: 1-6, 8)

(Isaiah 1:18-31; 2:1-5, 19-22; 3:1-7; 4:2-6; 5:24-30; 6:1-13)

Isaiah in the Temple

From Standard Bible Story Readers

By Lillie A. Faris


Today’s Scripture readings focus on the Old Testament prophet Isaiah, who warned against trusting in human efforts for safety and salvation. Instead, this prophetic voice predicted the gracious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, although Isaiah lived approximately 8,000 before the birth of the Messiah.

Several very familiar Bible verses appear in today’s readings, all pointing to the New Testament covenant of eternal salvation and redemption by the grace of a merciful God.

“Stop trusting in man,
who has but a breath in his nostrils.
Of what account is he?”

(Isaiah 2:22, NIV)

Surely, no human deeds may qualify any of us for entry into everlasting fellowship with our most holy God. However, the Lord Himself provided the answer:

"’Come now, and let us reason together,’

Says the Lord,
‘Though your sins are as scarlet,
They will be as white as snow;
Though they are red like crimson,
They will be like wool.’”

(Isaiah 1:18, NASB)

What marvelous mercy! What complete cleansing! What a wonderful Savior we serve, who reigns forever and ever.

The prophet Isaiah’s own personal vision of glory reflects a great day yet to come.

“It was in the year King Uzziah died

that I saw the Lord.

He was sitting on a lofty throne,

and the train of His robe

filled the Temple.

Attending Him were mighty seraphim,

each having six wings.

With two wings they covered their faces,

with two they covered their feet,

and with two they flew.

They were calling out to each other,

‘Holy, holy, holy

is the Lord of Heaven’s Armies!
The whole earth is filled with His glory!’”

(Isaiah 6:1-3, NLT)

Even so, come Lord Jesus. We welcome you with eager hearts.

Will you pray with me?

Holy, holy, holy.

Only You are worthy

Of our praise.

We trust You wholly,

For Your mercy

And grace

Will last forever.

To you be all honor

And praise.


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June 23rd - A Dozen Social Sins

A Dozen Social Sins

(Isaiah 1:1-17, 21-26; 2:6-18; 3:8-28; 4:1; 5:1-23; 32:9-11

The Prophet Isaiah

Artist Unknown

The Old Testament prophet Isaiah may be best remembered for his Messianic prophecies, pointing to the coming of the Lord Christ.

However, in today’s Bible reading, we find Isaiah’s sharp warnings against a dozen social sins. The land of Judah was plagued with iniquities, or sins, as the people followed their leaders into error. Considering this list, we might well wonder at the condition of our own culture.

How many of these dozen social sins can you decipher from this scrambled list? (The answers are listed at the end of this post.) How many might we identify in our own society, or even in ourselves?












Isn’t it amazing how sin can scramble our lives, preventing us from following the Lord’s leading? How might cultural or social errors and idolatry keep entire nations and peoples from hearing the voice of God?

Will you pray with me?

Holy Lord,

Give us wisdom to learn Your ways.

Bend our hearts to You.

Reveal any hidden sins within our hearts,

So we may repent and turn again to You.

Cue us to prayer

For our nations,

And draw our peoples’ hearts to Your own.

We want to honor You.


Answers to Scrambled Words:

Religious Formalism

Rebellious Rulers


False Leaders

Haughty Women






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