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June 20th - Who is the Lord?

Who is the Lord?

(Amos 1 – 4)

The Prophet Amos

Russian Orthodox Icon

18th Century

The Old Testament minor prophet Amos, a contemporary of the minor prophet Hosea, lived during the eighth century before Christ. Although Amos came from the southern kingdom of Judah, he also prophesied in Israel, the northern kingdom.

Tucked amid Amos’ warnings in the first four chapters of his book is a single verse that speaks volumes about the nature and character of our great God.

“He who forms the mountains,
creates the wind,
and reveals his thoughts to man,
he who turns dawn to darkness,
and treads the high places of the earth—
the Lord God Almighty is His name.”

(Amos 4:13. NIV)

Who is the Lord?

The Lord is the all-powerful Creator, who stoops to speak secrets to man. The Lord is the marvelous Master of all He has made, controlling the tides and times of the world. He is the Almighty One.

What a wonder that such a God would want to relate to man. And yet He does.

In fact, the most Holy One carried our own failings and frailties to the deepest depths to banish darkness and death and buy us back to unbroken fellowship with Himself.

May we call upon His Name, the only One who is worthy, our sole Savior and the Comforter of our souls.

What a God.

Will you pray with me?

Mountain Maker,

Holy Lord.

Reveal Your thoughts to us today.

Open our ears,

so that we can hear Your voice.

Open our hearts,

so that we will be willing to listen and heed.

Bring Your light into the darkest places

Of this world

For Your glory.

Topple the idols

In the highest places,

And tear down all that draws our hearts

Away from You.

Draw us ever closer

To Your own heart

Where we belong.

We want to know You.


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