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April 17th - Lots of Priestly Responsibitlies

A Suitable Sacrifice

(1 Chronicles 23:1-32; 24:1-31; 25:1-31; 26:1-11)

Levites Casting Lots for Duties

By Alf Pearce

Knowing he would one day soon pass along the leadership of Israel to his son Solomon, David went to great lengths to organize the nation’s governmental and religious leaders. The steps he took to delegate priestly duties are particularly intriguing.

Numbering the Levites, David divided them into clans. Next, he outlined the specific duties which would be required of the priestly leaders, including temple service and the leading of worship.

By drawn lots, the priests were assigned their various sacred tasks. A seemingly random procedure dictated their specific responsibilities, from playing the harp or lyre to offering the sacrificial offerings on the altar.

Of course, David did not believe in coincidences. Nothing was random at all. David prayed and trusted the Lord for the outcome.

Twenty-four divisions of priestly leaders received their assignments and began their duties, no questions asked. No one suggested the formation of nominating committees or the tabulation of popular ballots. Each received his job description and set to work.

It might be interesting to consider how we might look more to the Lord for our own marching orders, rather than campaigning and making our own assignments. Will we devise our plans and invite God to participate, or will we seek to discover God’s will and choose to follow Him?

Priestly Duties

Artist Unknown

Will you pray with me?

Holy Lord of Heaven,

Guide us daily.

Overrule our foolish plans,

And subvert any schemes we may devise

Which detract us from Your calling.

Teach us to worship You

In whatever circumstance we face

And in whatever assignment You choose to place us.

May we live for Your glory alone.


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