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May 1st - God's Character Displayed

God’s Character Displayed

(Psalm 75; 93; 94; 97; 99; 99; 100)

Jesus, The Good Shepherd

From Standard Bible Story Reader – Book One

By Lillie A. Faris

Illustrated by O.A. Stemler and Bess Bruce Cleaveland


The Lord’s majesty is displayed in His creation. Most clearly, He reveals His own character in His Word.

Today’s Bible readings highlight several defining characteristics of our great God. In fact, each Psalm we have read today seems to focus on a different remarkable trait of the Lord.

The following is not intended as an exhaustive commentary on these Bible passages, but a personal journaling and perhaps a prodding towards individual application of God’s Word.

Psalm 75 – God Is Just

God appoints the seasons of creation and the seasons of our lives. Will we exalt ourselves in fatal pride, or will we give Jehovah the honor He is due? When we judge one another, are actually trying to elevate ourselves to a seat that belongs to One much higher than ourselves? If we question the timing of the Lord’s judgment upon those we think deserve it most, do we not doubt His justice as well?

What a convicting truth. Isn’t it easy to question God’s justice? How often would we rather grab a bit of vengeance ourselves? Have we forgotten the mercy we have already received? (Ouch!)

May we ever praise and trust the One who is on high, yet stoops to meet those He loves.

Psalm 93 – God Is Majestic

Who is like the Lord?

Each morning, as I enter my closet, I ponder what clothing to wear that day. The ever-changing Midwest weather often weighs heavily on such decisions. I consider the schedule for the day and try to select attire that seems appropriate for the occasion.

Not so with the Lord. He always clothes Himself in His own majesty, honor and glory. His attire is ever appropriate, and His style never changes. God is majestic, as none other.

Psalm 94 – God Is All-Knowing

The word-pictures in this Psalm make the truth hard to miss.

Can we honestly believe the Lord, who created the ear, cannot hear what is said around the world?

Will we actually think for one moment that God, who crafted the eye, does not see everything that occurs?

Could we possibly deceive ourselves into believing that the Almighty Jehovah might miss something?

Will He leave a wrong unrighted?

Will a sin go unnoticed? Can God be fooled? Absolutely not. (Ouch again.)

How wondrous that the Lord, who knows the contents of each human heart and the ponderings of every mind, does not summarily reject all of mankind. For we rejected Him first. Still, He draws us with His arms of love, stirring our spirits to long for Him.

What a God.

Psalm 97 – God Is Righteous

The Lord reigns, hating evil and loving good. He cannot be other than righteous, holy and true.

Thank God the Ruler of the universe is, indeed, the holy and righteous Jehovah. We might shudder to think otherwise, even for a moment.

Knowing God is in control for eternity ought to be a comfort to our very souls. May we ever praise Him that He has called us to become His own and to belong to Him. Could any place on earth be safer than in the arms of our righteous God?

Psalm 98 – God Is Mighty

What happens to people who have never heard about the Bible and Judeo-Christian faith? Does God reveal Himself to all people somehow?

According to His Word, Jehovah does unveil His wondrous power to all peoples. This psalm seems to be both descriptive and prophetic, as God the Father promised to time the Second Coming of His Son until all languages had received the Gospel.

Do you feel as convicted as I do? What a reminder for us to pray faithfully for those who do not yet know the Lord. His mercy is available to all. Will we pray for open hearts to receive Him?

May all the earth shout with joy to the Lord. Do you feel a sense of anticipation for the day when that will be so? What will it be like to join with people from all tribes and tongues to worship our great God? Surely, the sound will make the earth and heavens ring loudly for His glory.

Psalm 99 – God Is Holy

This Psalm outlines the holiness of the Lord, offering historical examples as evidence. Moses and Aaron understood God’s holiness personally, having met face to face with God. The children of Israel witnessed mighty miracles, as the Deliverer drew them out of bondage in Egypt and led them into the Promised Land.

From what do you need the Lord’s deliverance today? Into what Promised Land might He be leading You? Are you willing to trust the Holy One?

God is just, majestic, all-knowing, righteous, mighty and holy. How can we not bow before Him and offer Him our very lives? He is worthy, and He calls us to obedience and blessing.

Psalm 100 – Praise the Lord

As we close our devotional time today, let’s pray scripturally, using Psalm 100 as our model.

Will you pray with me?


We shout Your praises with great joy.

May all of the earth echo with Your glory.

We gladly worship You,

Coming before You

With joyful songs.

We know that You alone are God.

You made us,

And we belong to You.

We are Your people

And the sheep of Your pasture.

We enter Your gates with thanksgiving

And Your courts with praise.

We give You thanks and praise Your holy Name.

For You are good,

And Your love endures forever.

Your faithfulness continues

Through all generations.


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