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May 3rd - Word from the Wise

Word from the Wise

(Psalm 119)

Thy Word

Artist Unknown

Why should we memorize Scripture? Does rote repetition really make a difference in our lives? Is it really worth the time and effort to pack Bible verses verbatim into our bulging brains?

Let’s look at the Source of all wisdom and truth, who clearly instructs us to do so.

What does the all-wise Lord Himself say in His own holy Word? Psalm 119, the very center of the Bible, focuses intently upon the importance of knowing and meditating upon the Word of the Lord. The longest Psalm and the longest chapter in the entire Bible (with 176 verses), Psalm 119 also contains several foundational principles and favorite memory verses.

In the original Hebrew, Psalm 119 forms an acrostic. Each of its 22 eight-line stanzas begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet (in alphabetical order, from aleph to tav). Many Bible scholars believe this pattern was intended to aid God’s people in memorizing the contents of the Psalm.

In 1887, pastor and author Charles Haddon Spurgeon tagged Psalm 119 as The Golden Alphabet.

Here are just a few of the key Scriptures found in Psalm 119, all pointing to the Lord’s own emphasis upon the power of His Word. These are some of my own favorites, which the Lord has impressed upon my heart.

11 I have hidden Your word in my heart
that I might not sin against You.

15 I meditate on Your precepts
and consider Your ways.

16 I delight in Your decrees;
I will not neglect Your word.

18 Open my eyes that I may see
wonderful things in Your law.

72 The law from Your mouth is more precious to me
than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.

89 Your word, O Lord, is eternal;
it stands firm in the heavens.

90 Your faithfulness continues through all generations;
You established the earth, and it endures.

105 Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path.

111 Your statutes are my heritage forever;
they are the joy of my heart.

125 I am Your servant; give me discernment
that I may understand Your statutes.

126 It is time for You to act, O Lord;
Your law is being broken.

133 Direct my footsteps according to Your word;
let no sin rule over me.

144 Your statutes are forever right;
give me understanding that I may live.

169 May my cry come before You, O Lord;
give me understanding according to Your word.

173 May Your hand be ready to help me,
for I have chosen Your precepts.

Perhaps the Lord has highlighted other selections for you, as you have perused and pondered His Word. (Why not leave a comment below to share what God has taught you today from Psalm 119?)

May we consider the wondrous Word of God, with which the Lord lights our path daily to guide our steps according to His Will. As a reminder for us, here is “Thy Word,” performed by Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith.



Will you pray with me?

All-wise and wondrous God,

We are stunned

And stopped in our tracks

To consider the power

Of Your Word.

Surely, You simply speak,

And it is so.

Teach us to study Your Word.

Train us to listen to You daily.

Give us understanding

To hear and heed

What You lovingly say to us.

Store Your Word

Inside our souls,

For we belong to You.

Draw us

To follow you more closely

And to seek Your heart

Above all else.


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