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May 27th - Idolatry to Ignominy

Idolatry to Ignominy

(1 Kings 11)

The Idolatry of Solomon

By Frans Francken, II


Despite his remarkable God-given wisdom, Solomon failed to guard his heart against idolatry. During his reign over Israel, King Solomon allowed his heart to drift into adoration of foreign women, who worshiped idols and false gods.

“[King Solomon] had seven hundred wives of royal birth

and three hundred concubines,

and his wives led him astray.

As Solomon grew old,

his wives turned his heart after other gods,

and his heart was not fully devoted

to the Lord his God,

as the heart of David his father had been.”

(1 Kings 11:4-5, NIV, emphasis added)

Before long, Solomon followed the pagan practices of his many wives. God was not pleased.

“The Lord became angry with Solomon

because his heart had turned away from the Lord,

the God of Israel,

who had appeared to him twice.

Although he had forbidden Solomon to follow other gods,

Solomon did not keep the Lord's command.

So the Lord said to Solomon,

‘Since this is your attitude

and you have not kept My covenant and My decrees,

which I commanded you,

I will most certainly tear the kingdom

away from you

and give it to one of your subordinates.

Nevertheless, for the sake of David your father,

I will not do it during your lifetime.

I will tear it out of the hand of your son.

Yet I will not tear the whole kingdom from him,

but will give him one tribe

for the sake of David

My servant

and for the sake of Jerusalem,

which I have chosen.’"

(1 Kings 11:9-13, NIV, emphasis added)

Although King Solomon enjoyed one of the most prosperous and peaceful kingdoms in human history, his failure to follow the Lord wholeheartedly led to its eventual division.

What idolatrous influences might seek to draw us away from full commitment to the Lord our God? What individuals might we allow in our lives, who might threaten our devotion to the one true God?

A Blessing Preserved

Isn’t it fascinating how the Lord promised to preserve a portion of His holy nation for the sake of Solomon’s faithful father, King David of Israel?

What promise might be contained herein for parents and grandparents of faith? Doesn’t this biblical precedent prompt us to pray faithfully and earnestly for generations that follow us? How might the quality of our own devotion to God actually impact those who will come after us?

Will you pray with me?

Jehovah God,

Only You merit our praise.

You deserve all the glory,

And the honor

And our total worship.

Shine Your light into our lives,

And reveal to us

Any idolatrous influences

We may have permitted

To permeate our thoughts

And our hearts.

Draw us ever nearer to Your heart,

So that we may behold You

As You are.


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