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May 26th - Song of Songs

Song of Songs

(Psalm 127

Song of Solomon 1:1 – 8:14)

Who Is This That Cometh Up from the Wilderness,

Leaning Upon Her Beloved?

James Shaw Crompton

19th Century

The Song of Solomon, or Song of Songs, presents a tender and touching portrait of romantic love and even fleshly passion. These chapters display the feelings of those who are truly in love, enjoying the God-given blessings of marital intimacy and lifetime devotion between a man and a woman.

Is such a sweet and selfless love even possible between fallen humans?

It is far too easy for us to look longingly at others' relationships and then critically at our own. We may wonder if real love, trust, intimacy, encouragement, passion, sharing and romance are even possible. Perhaps not. Maybe the fairy tale is just a fairy tale . . . at least, in this mortal life.

On a deeper level, as the Bride of Christ, the Church herself eagerly awaits the marriage supper of the Lamb. On that glorious day, the blood-bought believers of the living God will enjoy in-person intimacy with the Lord for an eternal Heavenly honeymoon.

Certainly, this God-man relationship is not intended as a sexual situation, but the tender caring and love of the Lord will surely surpass our hearts’ deepest desires. For our great God loves us more than we can imagine.

Do you know the love of the Lord?

Do you have any idea how much He adores you? The Savior is smitten with you. He carries your image upon His own heart. He has written your name upon His hands with His own blood.

May the Lord reveal His great love to you today in a brand-new way, so that you may see Him surrounding you with the tenderness that only He can offer.

Will you pray with me?

Holy Lord,

Lover of our souls,

Give us a glimpse

Of Your passion for Your people.

Offer a peek

Of Your tender care

For us.

Teach us to trust You,

For no other love

Even comes close

To the adoration

And commitment

You have already offered to us.

We rest in Your grace,

For You have already

Bought us back

From ourselves.


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