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May 22nd - A Life of Strife

A Life of Strife

(Proverbs 1:10-19;





12:17, 20;

13:5, 11;

14:5, 25;


16:11, 29;

17:1, 8, 15, 23, 26;

18:5, 17-19;

19:19, 28;

20:10, 17, 21-23;

21:7, 1-15, 28-29;



24:11-12; 23-26, 28-29;

25:18; 26;



28:5, 10, 17;


St. George and the Dragon

by Paolo Uccello


Today’s readings in Proverbs deal with strife and conflict among us. The Proverbs address bribery, cheating, deception, dishonesty, dissension, injustice, lying, meddling, murder, perjury, prejudice, revenge, stealing, trespassing, violence and other issues leading to disharmony and disagreement.

Can we blame the enemy of our souls for disputes and battles among us? Do we not share at least a portion of the responsibility? Perhaps we offer the accuser too much credit for conflict.

Clearly, the Lord values community and concord. What will it take for us to live in peace with one another? Perhaps we must begin with the right foundation.

Facing the Dragons –

A Rhyming Fife on Strife in Life

We hope to make a splendid splash,

To rake in blessings, boon and cash,

Till dragon bids us into clash,

Releasing violent backlash.

We recognize the need to fight,

To stand our ground or flee in fright.

Still, do we dare the dark with light

Or banish truth and melt to night?

For ageless and contagious be

The talons sharp of strife’s degree.

We may be caught in his debris,

If we deign not to disagree.

What dragon fight we, if we can?

Will he be monster, demon, man?

Where might we find a battle plan,

For conflict since the world began?

When bitterness may yet take root,

Devouring us in dispute,

Infecting us with violent fruit,

Will we seek solace absolute?

What worthy Ally bids us cease,

Inviting us to strife’s release?

May we diminish, He increase,

For only then may we find peace.

Will you pray with me?

Father of love,

Your mercy astounds us,

As You offer us daily grace,

Although we have done nothing to deserve it.

Teach us to be peacemakers.

Guide us to love,

Even as You are love.

We pray for peace,

The peace that only comes

From You.


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