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May 19th - Motives and Mindfulness

Motives and Mindfulness

(Proverbs 3:3-4;



11:2-3, 16-17;

12:9-10, 25;

13:7, 10;


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Caring for the Needs of Animals

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All rights reserved

What truly counts in life?

Is it possible for a person to do all the right things, not do all the wrong things and still fail to please God?

Today’s readings in the Bible book of Proverbs focus on sincerity and the state of the human heart. Using contrasts and metaphorical phrasings, these Proverbs warn against deception, duplicity, envy, false worship, greed, hatred, impure motives, jealousy, pride, selfishness and other ills. These Scriptures also praise positive heart characteristics, such as faithfulness, humility, kindness, love, peacefulness and righteousness.

Could it be that the Lord wants our hearts more than our happiness? Might God desire our truth more than our tithes? Is it possible that God craves our love more than our legalism? Do our attitudes count more than our actions?

I love to consider how God’s economy differs from our own. Can we bear to consider that God may consider our temporary commitments to be pure bull? How often may actual spiritual reality be the polar opposite of what we may consider to be important?

Examining a Heart Condition

Ask anyone who has ever suffered from a heart condition. A healthy heart is certainly critical to healthy living. The heart pumps vital nutrients to the rest of the body.

Spiritually speaking, the heart is a common metaphor for our central identity, the force that pumps good or evil into our thoughts, words and deeds.

Today’s Bible readings cause me to question the condition of my own heart and to plead with our loving Lord to remake me daily until I am conformed to His image.

How is your heart?

Has your heart been broken? Or, has it become hardened? What do you wish to ask the Lord to do with your heart? To whom does your heart truly belong?

As a college student, I attended a concert at a Christian college, where Keith Green performed. One song became permanently branded upon my heart. Here’s “To Obey Is Better than Sacrifice,” by Keith Green, and based on Proverbs 21:3:



Will you pray with me?

Loving Lord,

Rebuild my heart.

Mend the broken pieces.

Claim my heart as Your home.

I welcome You.


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