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May 25th - The Word's Woman Woman

The Word’s Wonder Woman

(Proverbs 14:10, 13;

15:13, 30;



25:20, 25;

27:11, 20;




Wonder Woman

DC Comics

Today, we complete our Bible readings in the book of Proverbs.

The final portion focuses on the Proverbs 31 woman, the wife of noble character. The Proverbs 31 woman is often cited as the paragon of femininity, productivity and wifely perfection. Certainly, these lines offer a list of ideals for womanhood.

Does Proverbs 31 describe an actual historical woman? Could such a perfect human role model ever exist?

Perusing these lines of Scripture, how should we respond?

Are women to aspire to such feminine ideals? Ought we to feel guilty or ashamed if we do not possess this seemingly unfathomable set of artistic skills, business savvy, boundless energy, perfect parenting results, mutually affirming marital relationship, regional respect and other assets?

Perhaps too frequently, Proverbs 31 has been employed as a proverbial club to enforce others’ agendas upon faithful women. How many wives have been criticized, berated or even beaten for failing to measure up against this biblical standard? Surely, Proverbs 31 offers a tall order for any human being to meet.

Who is the wife of noble character?

Maybe the Proverbs 31 woman is really a parcel of potential that may be collectively available to the faithful. Could it be that we might find these capabilities in fellowship with one another? After all, if the Church is the Bride of Christ (see Revelation 19:7), perhaps the Lord is building His own wife of noble character, in His own time and His own power.

Hallelujah. May the Lord’s grace free us from guilt and shame, once again, as we lean upon Him. His favor is free to those He has forgiven, and His forgiveness is available to all who will ask. Praise the Lord for paying the price for our failures.

He alone is worthy.

The Bride of Christ

Artist Unknown

Will you pray with me?

Holy God,

You have promised

To prepare us

For Your coming.

We look to You.

We eagerly await

The day

When Your trumpet shall sound,

For the marriage supper

Of the Lamb of God.

Purify us.

Make us ready

To meet You

As Your spotless Bride.

Till then,

Continue to grow us

Into Your image,

And equip us

For all You have called us to do.

We praise You

For buying our freedom

From guilt and shame.

We are unworthy,

But You are more than worthy.



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1 comment:

  1. As individuals, we are often defeated where we can be victorious if we work together as the Bride/Body. Very good point. That wife of noble character often intimidates me, but this helps!