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24. Gratitude is for sharing – 30 days of thankful Scriptures

What’s the difference between private and public praise? Sure, we all understand this logistically. But how remarkably different are the effects of each?

Consider a child when we compliment him or her. The kid is encouraged by the affirming words, whether others overhear them or not. But when those positive statements are expressed in front of multiple people, isn’t the child likely to beam with pride?

How different are the rest of us?

Can you remember receiving an “atta-boy” or “atta-girl” from a teacher or coach? Even if you were very young at the time, such a bonus is likely still memorable.

Don’t we appreciate genuine affirmations, especially when they are declared in front of others? Doesn’t this make us feel pretty special?

Maybe God glows with extra pleasure when we praise Him in front of others. Our public declarations of adoration of the Lord demonstrate our sincerity, our devotion, and our willingness to stand boldly for Him.

In addition, when we praise Him before others, they may be inspired to worship Him as well. What’s more, Jesus promised to stand up for us before the Father, if we are willing to stand up for Him before mankind. (See Matthew 10:32.)

Therefore I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the Gentiles, and sing praises to Your name.” (2 Samuel 22:50, NKJV)

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