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April 27th - Find Me Faithful

Find Me Faithful

(Psalm 40; 49; 50; 73)

Praise the Lord

From The Coloured Picture Bible for Children

The Society for Promoting Christianity


“He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear
and put their trust in the Lord.”

(Psalm 40:3, NIV)

Today we find ourselves slightly more than halfway through the marvelous book of Psalms. I pray you are enjoying these passages as much as I am. What’s more, I pray the Lord is speaking His tender terms of love and mercy to your soul, as you faithfully pore over His truth in His Word.

God delights in changing hearts and minds, particularly mine, it seems. Maybe you have felt the same way.

Although I had envisioned The Heart of a Ready Writer to be a fairly straightforward daily devotional, employing a traditional journaling format, the Lord continually surprises me with His own daily agenda.

May it ever be so.

Today, our faithful and fond Father has been speaking to me about His own creativity and His burden of love for His beloved. That’s you and me. Again, our most creative Creator has placed poetry upon my heart. I hope you will pray these words along with me today (see below).

I am constantly amazed at the wonder of God’s Word and how He may use a single passage of Scripture to speak different real-life applications to various people.

What is God saying to you today? Please leave a comment to share how the Lord is touching your own heart. Your words will encourage me and so many others as well.

God is so good. May He wrap you in His own embrace today, as only He can do.

Will you pray with me?

A Poet’s Plea

Great God, Creator absolute,

I beg You, make me resolute.

Just write Your Word upon my heart,

That I may never stray, depart.

You ask no other sacrifice

No payment or admission price.

For You’ve redeemed me, made me whole

And marked my name upon Your scroll.

Equip my feet that I may stand,

Proclaiming truth in any land.

Lord, clear my ear that I may hear

Your words of comfort, ever dear.

Unseal my lips that I may shout

Your righteousness. Make me devout.

Restore my calling and my quill;

Conform them both to suit Your will.

Your blessings yet exceed each sum,

So humbly to Your heart I come.

If You should never bless again,

Redemption is enough. Amen.

Responding to these prompts:

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Poefusion (“ars poetica” – write what a poem should be)

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  1. Hello Heart of a Ready Writer. What a beautiful, devotional poem to God. Thanks for attempting the ars poetica prompt. Have a nice day.

  2. Hello Ready Writer,
    I like you poem a lot, very Psalm-like and very encouraging. Good rhyming scheme. Well Done!