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Zzzzzz ... Time for a Long Winter's Nap

Zzzzzz ... Time for a Long Winter's Nap

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas presents have been unwrapped. The festive holiday feast is over. The carols have been sung.

And the Savior has come.

Happy Birthday, Lord! We welcome You. We celebrate Your Presence. And we thank You for entering our world to save us.

Now, who’s ready for a long winter’s nap?

A brand-new set of cozy winter pajamas awaits me. I’m putting on a pot of tea and calling it a night soon.

But first, let’s recap the Advent A to Z Challenge, in case you missed any posts:
  1. Advent: An Adventure in Faith
  2. Bethlehem bummed me out a bit
  3. Cairo’s Camels and Classic Comedy
  4. Devotion, a Dream and a Donkey
  5. Everyday Exceptions and Eternity’s Expectations
  6. Frenetically Frazzled
  7. Grateful for the Gift of Guilt?
  8. Is Ho-ho-ho a No-no-no?
  9. Incarnate and In-Person
  10. Just Joyful
  11. Kickin' It with the King of Kings
  12. Looking at a Light that Led
  13. Meat-Eaters' Manger: Mockery or Merriment?
  14. Naughty or Nice?
  15. On Oppositions and Traditions
  16. Picking Out Poinsettias and Passed-Over Prizes
  17. Quirky Creches
  18. Raging Relatives
  19. Simply Santa and the Savior
  20. Telling of Treasures
  21. U-Turns and New Year's Resolutions
  22. The Value of Vast Variety
  23. Wonderful Words for the Word of Life
  24. In Excelsis Deo
  25. Yuletide - What a Ride
  26. Zzzzzz ... Time for a Long Winter's Nap
 Merry Christmas to all. God bless us every one. And to all, a good night!

Sleeping Santa – Public Domain Art

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