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Quirky Creches

Quirky Creches

Merry CHRISTmas! Although the mere mention of Jesus, the Reason for the Christmas season, may draw ire from certain uncertain sorts, those who know Him delight in speaking the Name above all Names.

Christians set up nativity scenes, or crèches, in homes and chapels. In some communities, these sacred displays adorn town squares and other public places.

This year, it seems more unusual nativity scenes are appearing – or at least, circulating on the worldwide web. Take a look at these examples:

Chicken Dance Creche?

Canine Christmas?

Florida Fad Nativity?

Campfire Creche?
Great Garbed Geese?
Star Wars' LEGO Scene?

Kitty Creche?
Meerkat Mitten Manger Scene?
 Penguins of Promise?

Troll-y Family?
Butter at Bethlehem?

Don't forget Madison's Winter Solstice Scene or the Bacon Creche/Meat-Eaters' Manger.

Would you consider these nativities to be naughty or nice? Do they seem somehow silly or sacrilegious, or merely wild and whimsical?

What do you think Jesus would say about such scenes? Would He enjoy the creativity or topple the tables on which these crèches appeared? Where is the line between invention and irreverence, or between design and derision?

Can you describe the most unusual nativity scene you've ever encountered? Be sure to leave a comment. Include a link, if you have one, so readers can see the creative creche you saw.

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1 comment:

  1. It's not for me to say, but......I'd better not say. I still think the real thing, or a realistic depiction, can't be beat.

    But if some of these attract the kids and get them interested and listening, then it's all good.

    (Now it looks like the challenge is for me to keep up with your frenetic blogging pace!)