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Yuletide - What a Ride

Yuletide - What a Ride

Yodel! Yell! Come sit a spell.
For Yuletide has a tale to tell.
Beginning with a pagan fest,
This fine December day is blest.

Let’s carol on for sweet Noel.
Say, strum the harp, and ring the bell.
Our Christmas trees by now are dressed,
And pretty packages we’ve guessed.

No wonder that our spirits swell.
Our God has come with us to dwell.
No longer are we sin-oppressed.
Immanuel met God’s request.

By angel chorus, all is well.
For Christ is born, death to expel.
The Infant Lord sleeps in His nest.
May all the world find peace and rest.

So burn the Yule log; dark dispel.
Cast out all melancholy smell.
Let none be downcast or distressed,
For Christmas joy is ne’er suppressed.
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson. All rights reserved.

“Therefore the Lord himself
will give you a sign:
The virgin will conceive
and give birth to a son,
and will call him Immanuel –
God with us.”
(Isaiah 7:14, NIV)
Carved Nativity Set
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