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Is Ho-ho-ho a No-no-no?

Is Ho-ho-ho a No-no-no?

I have just come from a fancy "Brunch with Santa" party. This boisterous holiday event, which included a bountiful buffet, clearly was considerably more fun for those who brought children along, as we did, than for those who did not.

Santa Claus sat on an upholstered divan, clad in red velvet and positioned strategically in front of an enormous Christmas tree. 

After eating, families lined up for their turn, as each sugar-loaded child climbed up next to the jolly old fellow to whisper his or her wants in his ear and grin for the camera.
Meanwhile, Santa’s elf took down names (and credit card numbers) for photographic prints. Yep, we bought a few. How could we not? Isn’t that what grandparents do?

When our merry munchkin nestled in next to Santa, even the elf began chuckling to see my stepdaughter, her husband and me, as we lined up with our own camera phones to record the moment. (See? Did you really think I was old enough to be a grandmother the old-fashioned way?)

Surely, this was a happy Christmas memory in the works, and those pricey pictures will be adored for many years to come.

What’s wrong with Santa Claus?

Plenty of Christians frown on all of this merrymaking. But must we? Can we be pious without being prune-faced? Is it possible to laugh and sing and dance without making light of the most important arrival in all of human history?

Christmas marks the birthday of Jesus, the only Son of the Almighty One. We get that. And we have come to adore Christ the Lord. We mark His coming with both solemn reverence and joy to the world. Without His advent, we would not stand a chance in Heaven.

But what a party!

Even Santa would agree. Let’s keep the glee in Jesus’ birthday, as long as we remember why we put out poinsettias (more on that in another post), decorate our Christmas trees, light candles, lick sticky candy canes and exchange gifts.

Many will rejoice
because of His birth.”
(Luke 1:14b, NIV)
Don’t tell my little granddaughter, but under my tree is a tiny box containing a hand-carved Holy Land olive wood nativity ornament from my recent trip to Bethlehem. Even as we giggle over visits with Santa, we still remember Whose party this really is.
Ho-ho-ho and hallelujah! Jesus has come!

So bring it on, Santa! Have at it, Kris Kringle. We’ve got reason to celebrate!

Just for fun, here’s a song my friend Mike at MillerWrites recently brought to mind. Just try not to sing along. You probably can’t help it! And be sure to check out his blog!

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  1. Another great point well made. And thanks for the plug! Wow!