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U-Turns and New Year's Resolutions

U-Turns and New Year's Resolutions

OK, I know the New Year won’t arrive for more than a week. Gee, Christmas is still coming. Still, as a freelance writer, I’m seeing story assignments already coming through for the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras.

It’s not too soon to start pondering those ponderous New Year’s resolutions, is it?

Christmas is all about new starts too.

The Messiah came to offer us redemption, forgiveness and reconciliation with God. Isn’t that what blood-bought holiness means?

Because of Jesus, those who love Him are made new.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
the new creation has come;
 The old has gone,
the new is here!”
(2 Corinthians 5:17, NIV)

In a sense, every time we meet with God and acknowledge that we have slipped up again, we have the chance to start over again. It’s sort of like having a daily opportunity to make a New Year’s resolution. Maybe it’s more like a new life resolution.

We may chuckle at old Popeye and his cartoonish grin, as he mutters, “I yam what I yam.” We may even agree. But praise God that He does not leave us there. He continues to court us and lead us and shape us into His image, if we pay attention.

Here comes New Year’s Day, which is a great reminder to revisit our commitments.

Personally, I can look back on many failed New Year’s resolutions, broken promises of more consistent commitment to God and even unmet plans for better dieting and fitness. New Year’s resolutions can become exciting beginnings or simply sources of additional self-guilt.

This year, I’m hoping to start over again. Are you with me?

I’m not signing up for a gym membership, enrolling in another class, or applying for a new volunteer spot in a church or club. I won’t be buying a special calendar, just to track my weight or my daily quiet times with God. I haven’t ordered a slew of new books to read in the New Year.

I’m bypassing the built-in blaming of making goals I already know I won’t keep.

Here’s my New Year’s resolution.

I want to know God better in the coming year than I ever have before. What’s more, I want to want to know Him more and more.

This guilt-free goal may be somewhat difficult to measure, but I think it’s worth it. And I think this is a plan that pleases God.

Sure, I want to take time each day to meet with God. I have personal and professional and parental goals I’d like to reach. Plus, I’d love to lose a few pounds. I want to firm up muscles that have grown, well, less firm. The list goes on.

But I want 2012 to be a year-long journey of chasing the One who sought me and bought me and made me new, the Wonderful Counselor and Prince of Peace that we honor this weekend at Christmas. May He ever increase my desire to know Him more.

Often, I already crave His company and His character. But I have moments where such a path would require a complete U-turn. For 2012, and beyond, I pray those moments may become rarer.

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  1. You think you've got it rough writing all these great devotionals, but I am committed to continually come up with a cogent and creative comment coordinately commensurate and concise to boot. See how difficult it is? I used a 'b' word at the end of a 'c' sentence, and at the end of a 'u' article!

    You're almost there!

  2. Excellent post and notion for a New Year's Resolution. I stand with you in that very goal, and hopefully many more will as well. Thanks for a great post!