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July 9th - Just Write

Just Write

(Isaiah 18:1-7; 19:1-25; 20:1-6; 30:1-33; 31:1-9)

Write It Down

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The Old Testament prophet Isaiah spoke truth with boldness, leaving a lasting legacy for millennia to follow.

Many of Isaiah’s teachings offered prophetic promise, particularly pointing towards deliverance of God’s people through the advent of the Messiah. Other portions of his writings rebuked the children of Israel for unfaithfulness to the Lord. Throughout his ministry, however, Isaiah spoke out, presenting the words God had given to him for His people.

Today’s Bible readings give us pause for thought, as we consider the weight of our words and the witness we may or may not have with them.

“Go now, write it on a tablet for them,
inscribe it on a scroll,
that for the days to come
it may be an everlasting witness.”

(Isaiah 30:8, NIV)

What an instruction. As a writer, I find these words challenging and motivating. What message might the Lord offer any one of us to present to others. Will He use us to encourage or exhort?

Here’s a short poem the Lord gave me this morning. May God be glorified.

Just Write

Penning Lines to Last for Times

A secret may be locked up tight,

Inspiring faithlessness and fright.

Till, truth be told,

The prophet bold,

Obedient, begins to write.

A legacy for those unborn,

Though honest word may first draw scorn,

If seer persist

And lies resist,

His scroll the future yet may warn.

Will you pray with me?

Great God,

Creator of all things created,

And Artist of all things artistic,

All great gifts come from You.

Inspire our hearts,

And guide our hands,

So that we may glorify You

In all we do.

Work through us,

So our lives may leave

A legacy that lasts

To honor You.


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  1. An inspired 55. You catch a bit of the mission of the prophet.

  2. Linda...
    Your faith is very inspirational.
    Excellent 55...And on Time!
    Thank you so much for visiting, thank you for playing, and have a Wonderful Week-End.