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July 1st - Surely So

Surely So

(Isaiah 14:24-27; 15:1-9; 16:1-14; 17:1-14; 34:1-4)

How much are our words worth?

Are you ever astonished by the way we casually toss phrases around? We even abbreviate, using electronically convenient postings.

Here are twenty of the most commonly used acronyms, for internet postings and cellular phone text messages:

2B or not 2B (To be or not to be.)

2morrow (Tomorrow)

BFF (Best friends forever)

BTW (By the way)

DBEYR (Don’t believe everything you read.)

FWIW (For what it’s worth)

GR8 (Great)

ILY (I love you.)

IMHO (In my humble opinion)

IRL (In real life)

L8R (Later)

LOL (Laughing out loud)

OIC (Oh, I see)

PAW (Parents are watching.)

RBTL (Read between the lines.)

ROFL (Rolling on the floor, laughing)

THX (Thanks)

TLC (Tender loving care)

WYWH (Wish you were here)

XOX (Hugs and kisses)

How many of these have you seen before? How many have you actually used?

What have we done to language, for the sake of convenience?

4COL! (For crying out loud!)

God Speaks

By Ruepprecht

God, on the other hand, speaks clearly and directly in His Word. His Word stands forever, and His Word is truth.

Consider these passages, found in today’s Old Testament Bible readings:

“The Lord of hosts has sworn saying,

‘Surely, just as I have intended so it has happened,

and just as I have planned so it will stand.’”

(Isaiah 14:24, NIV)

"For the Lord of hosts has planned, and who can frustrate it?

And as for His stretched-out hand,

who can turn it back?"

(Isaiah 14:27, NIV)

The Old Testament prophet Isaiah spoke these words about the Lord Jehovah, who speaks only words that are everlasting. Each phrase God utters (or has ever uttered) will prove true in history or eternity.

Again, we might ask ourselves a pointed question. How much are our words worth? Do we spill sentences of little value all too easily? Do we stretch and bend the truth?

May God guide us to speak honestly, with words of worth. May He make us people of His Word.

Will you pray with me?

Oh, Lord,

Your Word is truth,

For You are true.

Your Word is valuable,

For You are worthy

Of all honor and praise.

Guard our hearts,

And guide our tongues,

So that we may honor You

With words of worth.


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  1. I use only one abbreviation and alwayys end my blog with it.

    God Bless You All