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July 5th - Perfect Peace

Perfect Peace

(Isaiah 24:1-23; 25:1-9; 26:1-21; 27:1; 32:1-8; 35:1-10)

Perfect Peace

Artist Unknown

“O Lord, You are my God;

I will exalt You,

I will praise Your name,

for You have done wonderful things,

even purposes planned of old

[and fulfilled]

in faithfulness and truth.”

(Isaiah 25:1, AMP)

Praise the Lord, for He is our peace. As the Old Testament prophet predicted, the Lord will ever be faithful and true to fulfill the promises He has given.

In a world filled with conflicts and crises, where may we find rest? In whom else may we find peace that lasts?

Here’s a poem the Lord gave me today. I pray it blesses your heart, as you seek to follow and know our great and glorious God.

Best in Peace –

Naisaiku Casts for Peace That Lasts

No more sleepless nights.

Vanities and violence flee –

Single-minded faith.


Single-minded faith.

No more sleepless nights.

Calm in angels’ wings,

Shielded from a demon’s doubts,

Cast away all fears.


Cast away all fears.

Shielded from a demon’s doubts,

Calm in angels’ wings.

Perfectly at rest,

Sheltered in the Father’s heart,

Guarded in His truth.


Guarded in His truth,

Sheltered in the Father’s heart,

Perfectly at rest.

“You will keep in perfect peace
him whose mind is steadfast,
because he trusts in You.”

(Isaiah 26:3, NIV)

Will you pray with me?

Holy One,

Our Guide and Guard,

We look to You

For Your perfect peace.

Help us to set our minds

On You,

To focus wholly on Your heart,

Where we may find rest.


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  1. Phew, peace is just what I need right now, thanks for posting this!

  2. Although I prefer spirituality over religion, these poems surpass...well done.

    Peace in the trinity