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July 7th - Sailing in Strength

Sailing in Strength

(Isaiah 22:15-25; 27:2-13; 29:22-24; 32:12-20; 33:2-24)

U.S. Sailing Team

Public Domain Photo

“Your rigging hangs loose:
The mast is not held secure,
the sail is not spread.”

(Isaiah 33:23a, NIV)

As a teen, I loved to sail on the Great Lakes of the United States. Our sailing club held regattas every weekend. My favorite task was flying the spinnaker, or chute, with its glorious colors unfurling to catch the wind on the final lap of the race.

What is the key to victory in a sailing regatta? The sails must be pointed in the right direction to catch the wind. Once the sails are filled with great gusts, the riggings may be pulled taut. The boat then zooms forward in the direction the skipper steers it.

Of course, the leading boat often catches the most wind, leaving the trailing boats becalmed.

The Old Testament prophet Isaiah warned God's people about their proverbially idle sails, which flapped loosely. This telling image reflected how they had refused or forgotten to tune their hearts and lives to the Lord.

What a spiritual analogy.

The Holy Spirit of God has been likened to wind. He is even called the Breath of God.

I wonder: are my sails filled with the wind of the Lord today? Which way is the Pilot pointing me to go? Is my heart lined up to accept His direction and dynamic impulsion?

If my mast is firmly established in God’s own foundation, even the strongest winds will only send me forward, as He leads.

Lord, I want to win the race.

Perhaps we do not compete against one another. Instead, we wrestle with unseen forces and with ourselves. I pray the Lord empowers me, filling my sails with His fresh wind daily. May He steer my ship wherever He chooses.

That is victory indeed.

Will you pray with me?

Sovereign Lord,

You are the Skipper of my soul.

Mold my heart,

So I may sense Your breeze.

Guide my hands,

So I may obey Your leading.

Steer my life

For Your glory.


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