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July 19th - A Promise for Progeny

A Promise for Progeny

(Isaiah 57:1-21; 58:1-14; 59:1-21

Man Guided by God

By Marc Chagall


What a faithful God we have, who keeps His word and never leaves His people. No matter what we may do or say, His love will persist.

We may abandon Him, but He will never abandon us.

We may forsake Him, but He will never forsake us.

We may ignore His voice, but He will answer us when we cry out to Him.

The Lord has promised His Holy Spirit to those who call upon Him and enter His covenant of love and grace. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah announced the words of the Lord.

"’As for Me,

this is My covenant with them,’

says the Lord.

‘My Spirit, who is on you,

and My words that I have put in your mouth

will not depart from your mouth,

or from the mouths of your children,

or from the mouths of their descendants

from this time on and forever,’

says the Lord.”

(Isaiah 59:21, NIV)

Thank God for faith-filled parents, who seek Him with their whole hearts and cry out to Him for the souls of their children. May the Lord seal the next generation, and generations yet to come, for His holy Kingdom.

Who prayed for you, that you would come to know the Lord’s great mercy? For whom do you pray?

Let’s pray through this Scripture together today, asking God to place His mark upon generations to come.

Will you pray with me?

Holy One,

The Lord of all ages,

Place Your covenant of love

Upon us

And upon our children

And upon our children’s children

Yet to come.

May we

And they

Speak Your truth

To Your glory.

May we leave legacies of love

To last for all

The ages.


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