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June 28th - Characters of Kings

Characters of Kings

(2 Kings 15:29-31, 36-38; 16:1-4; 17:1-2)

(1 Chronicles 5:23-26)

(2 Chronicles 27:7, 9; 28:1-4)

The Judeo-Israelite War

From L’Histoire du Vieus et du Nouveau Testament

By Nicolas Fontaine


Today’s Scripture readings include several short citings of various kings of Judah and Israel. In each case, the Bible indicates that these earthly sovereigns failed to follow the Lord God with their whole hearts.

What was the result of these rulers’ unfaithfulness?

Once again, as we have seen in other sections of the Old Testament, the Lord’s people suffered from the frailties and idolatry of their leaders. In many cases, the people were led astray by these kings. Does the Lord not require a high standard of godliness from those to whom He entrusts earthly responsibility?

Both Judah and Israel endured long periods of conflict with neighboring nations and with one another. A civil war broke out, and many of God’s people were killed.

Certainly, the Lord was displeased with the leadership these kings provided, as they cast idols, constructed pagan altars and offered sacrifices to false gods. In addition, God was surely disappointed when the hearts of individual people turned from full devotion to Him.

God will not share His glory. Only He is worthy of our devotion.

Disobedience and idolatry can be quite costly!

Doesn’t God desire to bless His people? What does it take to beckon the blessing of God? How might our attitudes and actions block the Lord’s blessing?

Will you pray with me?

Heaven’s King,

You hold the universe in Your strong hands.

How could we possibly

Even consider

Trusting another?

Teach us to devote our hearts

Fully to You.

We crave Your blessing

Upon our lives

And upon our nations.


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