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July 11th - Each Generation

Each Generation

(2 Kings 20:21, 21:1-16)

(2 Chronicles 32:33, 33:1-9)

Manasseh’s Idolatry

Artist Unknown

When Hezekiah, the god-fearing king of Judah, died, his son Manasseh was crowned. Manasseh was just 12 years old when he ascended to the throne of Judah.

This event occurred approximately 700 years before the birth of Christ.

As king, Manasseh turned the hearts of the people from piety to paganism. During his 55-year reign in Judah, Manasseh re-installed idolatrous symbols in the Lord’s temple.

And the Lord was not pleased with Manasseh’s actions.

Each generation must choose.

Are you a parent? If so, then you understand firsthand the deep desire most faith-filled fathers and mothers have for their children to know and follow the Lord. What God-fearing parent doesn’t pray wholeheartedly for God’s blessing upon his or her sons and daughters?

Of course, parents may pray without ceasing and make every effort to live consistent and faithful lives of devotion to God. We may diligently discipline and disciple our children in the ways of the Lord. Ultimately, however, each individual must choose faith or faithlessness.

How does it reflect upon a parent, if his or her offspring elect not to serve the Lord? Should leaders of faith be somehow disqualified, if their children walk not in faith?

Of course, if we are all considered the children of God, do our right and wrong choices reflect upon our Heavenly Father’s parenting, or our own failure to pick proper options?

Each generation must choose. May we pray that God will call the next generation to His own heart with fresh faith and Holy Spirit conviction. Only He may guarantee the outcome.

Will you pray with me?

Gracious God of all,

We beg You

To draw the hearts

Of our children

And our grandchildren

To Yours.

Claim the next generation

For Your Kingdom.

Raise up a generation

Of holy warriors

For Your glory.


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