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July 18th - A Holy Husband

A Holy Husband

(Isaiah 54:4-17; 55:1-13; 56:1-12)

The Lord Shall Be Your Husband

By J. S. Crompton

Have you ever been scorned, criticized harshly or mistreated? Has a loved one ignored you or even attacked you outright? How rejection hurts!

How much more does desertion or even abuse hurt, when it comes from one who has vowed to love and cherish for life?

How many women have known such pain? Perhaps you know a wife who suffers from mistreatment at the hands of her husband. Maybe someone dear to you has been ignored, rejected or even abandoned by the man who promised to love her forever. Possibly, you have faced such a sad plight yourself.

There is a Lover who will never leave. He will never turn His back upon His beloved. And He loves with an ever-tender touch. He cherishes His own.

“’For your Maker is your husband
the Lord Almighty is His name —
the Holy One of Israel

is your Redeemer;
He is called the God of all the earth.

The Lord will call you back
as if you were a wife

deserted and distressed in spirit —
a wife who married young,
only to be rejected,’

says your God.”

(Isaiah 54:5-6, NIV, emphasis added)

Do you know Him? His arms are open to receive you. The Lord desires to be the lover of your soul, your forever friend and your ally for always. Though others may fail or even attack, He only and ever loves. This Lover may be trusted.

Will you accept His invitation?

Will you pray with me?

Tender loving Savior,

We adore You.

Wholly faithful Father,

We live to belong to You.

Gentle Holy Spirit,

Guard our hearts

From those who would break them.

Mend our fragile feelings

And salve our injured souls,

For we have been marred

By failed human promises.

Only You are true.

Teach us to trust You



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