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July 2nd - Pressing the Prideful

Pressing the Prideful

(Isaiah 21:1-2, 13-17; 23:1-18; 34:5-17)

How God Sees His Children

Artist Unknown

Our Scripture readings for today include Isaiah’s additional prophecies about God’s judgment upon several of Israel’s ancient oppressors. For millennia, Bible scholars have analyzed how these words may also apply to other eras throughout human history.

A brief passage in Isaiah 23 may speak particularly pointedly to all of mankind.

“The Lord Almighty planned it,
to bring low the pride of all glory
and to humble all who are renowned on the earth.”

(Isaiah 23:11, NIV)

Surely, God is the one who topples the proud and exalts the humble. Jehovah the Lord Almighty will share His glory with no man, and He is more than able to reign. For He already does.

Which would we rather be – praised by man or approved by the Father? For He regards the meek as mighty, but He frowns upon those who try to stand in their own fortitude.

May we ever praise Him.

Will you pray with me?

Mighty Maker,

We are awed by Your glory

And astonished at Your fearsome Presence.

Reveal to us

How You press down the proud

And uplift the humble.

Melt our hearts

In the warmth of Your everlasting love,

so that we will ever bow


before You.

For You raise the heads

Of the humble,

So we may gaze upon You

In Your own glory.


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