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2. Nativity Attendees – Angelic and Mortal

Angelic decorations are popular at Christmas. We sing songs about the heavenly hosts announcing the wonderful new of Jesus’ birth. Maybe we exercise more mindfulness of supernatural participants in our lives during this season than we are throughout the rest of the year. The reminder is both comforting and sobering, I believe.

This lovely nativity painting might become one of my favorite Christmas images. The faces look so sweet and sincere. The angels, though childlike, are present and attentive.

Oh, let's not forget that adorable donkey. As an equestrian enthusiast, I have to add that I love to see a beast of burden receiving genuine affection and good care. (Hey, this little guy carried a very pregnant Mary across many rugged miles. He deserves a rest and a few mane scratches from her grateful husband.)

Adoration of the Magi, by Charles-Andre van Loo, c1760

Note: Biblical historians are fairly certain that the trio of magi arrived to honor the Christ child several days after His birth. For the purposes of this devotional series, these fine art images are appearing in somewhat random order, rather than actual chronological sequence.

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