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10. Hushed and Humble Nativity

This vintage nativity depiction is one I truly treasure. I can’t seem to uncover the artist’s name or additional details about this work, except that it’s listed as public domain. But it certainly strikes me.

I love the way this image reveals the Birth of Christ in a quiet, private manner. Mary and Joseph kneel by the manger, fondly observing the newborn Jesus. A pair of sweet lambs are nearby. And the bright star shines in the distance.

Vintage/public domain image

Did you ever wonder if Mary and Joseph could actually see the angels on that wondrous night? Sure, the Scriptures tell us about how the heavenly host appeared to the shepherds on the Bethlehem hillside. We know an angel appeared to Mary at the onset of her pregnancy. We are also aware that an angel spoke to Joseph in a dream shortly after that occurred. But on the first Christmas night, did either of them perceive the supernatural attendees?

Maybe the Almighty drew back the veil to reveal His holy armies to Mary and Joseph. Or perhaps He simply gave them the faith to follow through without a heavenly vision this time.

We may never know.

Either way, this nativity image gives us a glimpse of those sweet early moments of Jesus’ life with His adoring parents, before the parade of visitors began arriving to recognize His arrival.

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