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1. The Nativity – An Earthy Look

This December, in the days leading up to Christmas, Heart of a Ready Writer is sharing fine art depictions of the nativity of Christ. Some of these images, which come from many different eras and artistic styles, may be familiar to readers, while others may not.

May these pictures inspire us to personal reflections on the wondrous miracle of birth of Christ, when the Lord Himself took human form to reach us as we are.

Here’s the first painting in the Adoring the Lord's Advent in Art series:

Adoration, by Adolf Holzel, 1912

I think I like the rustic flair of this image. I know that “rustic” and “flair” sound almost contradictory, but I believe both descriptions fit. This painting shows the nativity in muted colors and with a pronounced plainness, which seems to suit the Lord’s humble birth in the Bethlehem stable.

Personally, I am often fascinated at the way different artists paint Jesus (and Bible events) from their own cultural and historical perspectives. Look at the apparel on these people. It’s not exactly the norm for First century Israel. But it somehow reveals how the artist has personalized the miracle at Bethlehem.

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