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A to Z Answers: Zero Tolerance in Heaven?

Zero tolerance is a popular phrase, drawing a firm line against everything from bullying in school to manufacturing mistakes. When we call out against error or evil in any form, we call it zero tolerance.

Does God honestly have a zero tolerance policy against sin? Could a loving God actually be wholly intolerant to the foibles and failings of flawed humans?

You bet He can.

God is holy, through and through. In fact, He wouldn’t be holy, if He could coexist comfortably with evil.

Imagine a gallon jar, filled with fresh drinking water. What if someone added just a drop or two of arsenic or cyanide into the jar? Wouldn’t it be poisoned, even with a scant bit of toxicity? Would you be willing to drink from that vessel?

It doesn’t take much to corrupt the whole supply.

The Almighty Jehovah is good and pure and just. And goodness, purity and justice cannot stand for evil, corruption and injustice.

Having said that, it sure sounds like we mortals are out of luck.

How can any of us measure up to God’s perfection, if a single sin counts us out? Does anyone have a chance of being saved?

Thank God for grace!

Sin costs dearly, but God paid the price. He bought us back from the clutches of death and demise by calling on His own perfect Son to sacrifice and pay the penalty in our place.

Christ offered himself to God without any flaw. He did this through the power of the eternal Holy Spirit. So how much more will his blood wash from our minds our feelings of guilt for committing sin! Sin always leads to death. But now we can serve the living God.
(Hebrews 9:14, NIrV)

The Holy One gave His life for all of us who are unholy.

For Christ died for sins once and for all, a good man on behalf of sinners, in order to lead you to God. He was put to death physically, but made alive spiritually,
(1 Peter 3:18. Good News)

Hallelujah. God makes us holy enough to join Him in eternity. He cleanses us from our own dirt and wipes away our wickedness.

God has united you with Christ Jesus. For our benefit God made him to be wisdom itself. Christ made us right with God; he made us pure and holy, and he freed us from sin.
(1 Corinthians 1:30, NLT)
So God is both loving and holy. He made a way to make up for our inability to reach His holiness, preserving both His perfection and His infallible justice and covering us with His amazing love. And it cost Him everything to offer us eternity.

What a great God.

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  1. Well said! I believe your faithful work here is pleasing to the Lord!

  2. I agree with Mike, very well said. I love the water analogy. Very true. Great post!

  3. Great post! Can't believe it took me 'til the 1st of May to find your blog. Definitely following it now though!