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A to Z Answers: Patheticalness = Practicing What We Preach

People love to point at Christians and exclaim, “Practice what you preach.”

Perhaps it’s time we did. Here goes.

I’m pretty pathetic.

In fact, my attempts at holiness are holey indeed.

As the Scriptures say,
"No one is righteous--not even one.”
(Romans 3:10, NLT)

That pretty much does away with the whole “holier than thou” bit. How can one of us be holier than the others, if none of us is holy at all?

There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins.
“Ecclesiastes 7:20, NIV)

Although I don’t want to wallow in it, I know my heart is sinful. Even my best moments don’t measure up.

"The heart is more deceitful than all else
And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?
(Jeremiah 17:9, NASB)

Oh, how I need the Savior!

I’m only pathetic, if I try to reach God’s standard on my own strength. Nope, it’s not gonna happen.

But God says I’m not pathetic at all. In fact, He calls me His work-in-process, and He promises to keep on working in me until I’m completely His (see Philippians 1:6).

Perhaps practicing what we preach is simply a matter of recognizing our own need for pardon. Pretend holiness leads nowhere. But honest soul-searching leads us to the One who can make us clean and whole and alive again.

Praise Him.

Thanks be to the Healer of our hearts, the Savior of our souls, and the One who redeems us from ourselves. To Him be all glory and honor and praise.

Sounds like I’m preaching again.

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