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A to Z Answers: Grief to Glory

On this holy weekend, all Christendom ponders the passion of the Christ. We meditate upon the mercy of God, which called our Lord to take on human form and give His own life for us.

Surely, sin-caused sufferings shall cease, as He transforms grief to glory. Amen.

Grief to Glory,
by Linda Ann Nickerson

Today we may grieve, but not for long.
Tomorrow is Easter, with glory’s song.
As angels wait,
He flips our fate,
From death into life, where we belong.

The ground is cold, as still He rests.
We fast and pray and beat our breasts.
Behold, the cost
To buy the lost –
It ever to His love attests.

So sound the chimes, and ring the bell,
Declare the day. His vict’ry tell.
The Lord will rise
Before our eyes,
For Sunday’s coming. All is well.

Happy Easter!

The tomb is empty, and Jesus is alive.

Glory to God.

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