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Pictures of Jesus: Gentle

Jesus is known as the Good Shepherd and the Shepherd of our souls. That’s a biblical concept. In fact, He called Himself by that name, as He walked and talked on this earth.

 “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” (John 10:11, NIV)

I am touched by this painting, “The Good Shepherd” (“Guter Hirte”), by German painter Josef Kehren (1817-1880). I love the quiet strength of Jesus in this image. I am comforted to see the gentle, but confident and powerful, way He holds the lamb while walking along the rough path.

The lamb doesn’t look worried at all. In fact, he looks pretty sure he’s gonna be safe in the Shepherd’s hold.

Look closely at this painting.

Jesus is wearing the crown of thorns. He bears the nail scars in His hands and His feet, as He carried the lost lamb to safety. This isn’t only a sheep from the First Century AD. Kehren didn’t paint a picture from Jesus’ earthly ministry. This is post-crucifixion. It’s the resurrected Christ.

And that lamb? That’s me. Maybe that’s you, too.

The Good Shepherd
Guter Hirte
by Josef Kehren

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  1. Looks more like me, but thank you for the helpful observations!