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January 18th - Virtues and Visions

Virtues and Visions

(Genesis 39 – 41)

Joseph Interpreting Pharaoh's Dream
By Reginald Arthur

1894 – 1895

Do you want to know a secret? Who doesn’t? Everyone loves to be clued in, in the know and in the loop.

What about the secrets of God? What does it take to learn the mysteries of the Lord and His plans?

Joseph, the dreamer of Israel, seemed to have an inside link to such information. From his boyhood, the Lord revealed secrets of things to come to Joseph through his own dreams and those of other people.

Today’s Scripture passage relates Joseph’s experiences in Egypt – as Potiphar’s slave, a falsely accused and jailed prisoner and second-in-command to Pharaoh himself.

What made the difference in Joseph’s status? The Lord revealed hidden secrets to Joseph, allowing him to interpret the dreams of the butler, the baker and the Pharaoh.

Why did the Lord choose to offer these mysteries to Joseph? Perhaps the clue can be found in a single phrase, which appears three times in Genesis 39:

“The Lord was with Joseph.”

(Genesis 39:2a, 3b and 21a)

Joseph trusted the Lord, regardless of his circumstances. He refused to dishonor the Lord with his conduct, even when tempted and taunted by Potiphar’s wife. In each situation, he sought guidance and strength from the Lord. Could this be what Jesus meant, when He said:

“Abide in Me,

and I in you.”

(John 15:4, NASB)

How I hunger to know the secrets of the Lord. How I long to know His heart. Do you?

God has promised to reveal His most intimate mysteries to those who love Him and seek Him with their whole hearts. We have only to ask and to listen.

“Ask Me

and I will tell you remarkable secrets

you do not know

about things to come.”

(Jeremiah 33:3, NLT)

What sweet secrets might God be revealing to you today? Can you hear Him whispering words of love to your heart? Is He leading You somewhere? Is He comforting you or even calling You to step out in faith with Him?

Will you pray with me?

Wondrous God,

In You are hidden all the mysteries

And secrets of the universe.

You hold the future,

And You hold us.

Give us a glimpse of Your loving heart today.

Help us to trust You

For everything we do not understand,

For You are wise.

Lead us

Today and always,

For You are Lord.


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