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January 10th - A Trusted Servant

A Trusted Servant

(Genesis 24)

Rebecca and Abraham's Servant at the Well

By William the Younger Hilton


A faithful servant is a blessing indeed. How I long to be just that. Who among us does not desire to hear the Lord’s blessing one day?

"'Well done, good and faithful servant. . . .

Come and share your master's happiness!'”

(Matthew 25:23, NIV)

Abraham’s personal servant proved faithful, when Abraham sent him to find a suitable bride for Isaac.

Because of his faith in God’s promise to build His holy nation from his offspring (or seed), Abraham refused to allow his son to marry outside of his own people. The line of Abraham would eventually lead to the birth of Christ, so the direct lineage of faith had to be preserved.

Abraham’s servant (presumably Eliezer) traveled to the family’s land of origin (Mesopotamia) in search of God’s chosen wife for the promised son Isaac.

The servant’s faith is a model for us all. He prayed before, during and after his journey. He placed the burden of choice upon the Lord. His prayer petitioned God for a definite, measurable answer.

“This is my request.

I will ask one of them,

‘Please give me a drink from your jug.’

If she says, ‘Yes, have a drink,

and I will water your camels, too!’

—let her be the one You have selected as Isaac’s wife.

This is how I will know

that You have shown unfailing love to my master.”

(Genesis 24:14, NLT)

Although the Bible does not counsel us always to set specific guidelines for the Lord’s answers to our prayers, this clearly is a case where God willed it so. There was to be no mistaking the Lord’s direction in this important matter, which would set the course of the genealogical heritage of the Messiah Himself.

Silent prayer is powerful.

Abraham’s servant did not broadcast his specific prayer request. Rather, he petitioned the Lord silently (see Genesis 24:45).

Certainly, shared prayers are important. However, in this instance, the privacy of this petition seems to add to the remarkability of God’s answer. There was no human possibility for Rebekah (or anyone else) to know what Abraham’s servant had prayed. The answer clearly came directly from God Himself.

Abraham’s faithful servant had also prayed that God would grant him favor with men, aiding him on his appointed mission. The Lord paved the way, and his request was answered. Rebekah’s family consented to the match, and she agreed to journey immediately and become Isaac’s bride.

How I crave a true balance of prayer and productivity, waiting and working, trusting and trying. How much more smoothly might life progress, if my every action were both organized and orchestrated with prayer?

May God grant it so.

Will you pray with me?

Great, gracious God,

Every detail of our lives is in Your hands.

You care about our lives

Even more than we do.

Teach us to trust You,

Before we take action,

In the midst of activity,

And after the work has been completed.

Grant us favor,

That we may do Your bidding.

May we give You

All glory and praise.

For You are good.


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  1. Silent prayer is powerful.

    What a statement,something that I will hold close to my heart. God is speaking to me in this area. I so desire to know God more.

    I'm reading through God's Word in a year.This is just what I needed to help in my journey with God.