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God Provides = #15 of 30 Days of God's Promises

 Worries abound in our world. Maybe it’s always been that way, but it sure feels so these days. Uncertainties can set us on edge, particularly money troubles, in these difficult economic times.

  • Where will we find grocery money this month?
  • How will we fill our gas tanks?
  • Can we make the mortgage payment?
  • How are we going to write that check for the heating bill?
  • What about taxes?
  • Who will pay for our health care costs?

These concerns are very real, and even more so for families living in the starkest economic uncertainty. We get that. How could we not? Most of us find ourselves right there, right now, at least to some degree.

But God gets it too. He is Jehovah Jireh, the Great Provider. And He has not forgotten us.

Can you recall any worrisome moments when God stepped in and met a specific need? How did His provision impact your faith?

Even the wealthy have worries.

Earlier this week, I attended a fund-raiser in a mega-mansion. The place was enormous, ornate, and lavishly furnished. Caterers in white coats passed trays of dainty gourmet appetizers. A tuxedoed bartender poured cocktails, sodas, and designer waters for the guests.

It would have been easy to assume the apparently wealthy hosts were worry-free.

But they weren’t.

The couple is reeling from a high-profile legal battle, stemming from a seedy scandal. The host, a local business mogul, lost both his parents quite suddenly to two different illnesses within the past 18 months. His wife completed her second round of chemotherapy two months ago and is just beginning to feel somewhat normal again. That trendy hairstyle she sported at the party is actually a wig.

Their coffers may be full, or they may not. Their pantry and wardrobe closets may be well-stocked. How would we know?

But they clearly carry plenty of worries. Look closely, and you can see it on both of their faces. It might be hard to walk in their well-heeled shoes, after all.

Today’s Bible promise fits the bill.

Therefore do not worry, saying,
 “What shall we eat?” or
“What shall we drink?” or
“What shall we wear?”
For after all these things the Gentiles seek.
For your heavenly Father knows
that you need all these things.
But seek first the kingdom of God
and His righteousness,
and all these things will be added to you.
(Matthew 6:31-33, NKJV)

What a promise. Do you believe it? Have you seen it?

Of course, we’ve all heard platitudes and pat answers about casting aside worries.

People love to tell us everything’s gonna be alright, as if things naturally work out, whether we pay attention or not. Sometimes those sorts of statements only seem to make us feel worse.

But, God’s promises are immeasurably bigger than empty platitudes. And, when we do find our most troubling needs suddenly or miraculously met, what a wonder it can be.

Surely, no one wants to hover on the edge of mayhem.

But when we look back, after an out-of-the-blue answer has appeared, we may be surprisingly encouraged. We can see how God has stepped into our lives in a tangible, practical way. 

Maybe ... just maybe ... we would have missed that faith-boost, if we’d never faced the crisis in the first place.

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