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God Is Worthy = #18 of 30 Days of God's Promises

How we love to applaud celebrities and focus on famous folks.

As a reporter, I have often been fascinated by public responses to the appearances of well-known figures in our midst. I cannot count the number of times I’ve been interrupted during on-location interviews with actors, athletes, corporate leaders, industry experts, musicians, or politicians – simply because people spotted opportunities to ask for autographs or in-person photographs.

Yep, people find the spotlight magnetic. Maybe we half-expect celebrities’ own fame to rub off somehow on the rest of us, if we hang around for a moment or two.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it?

True heroes certainly deserve acclaim.

But what’s with the weird attraction our culture has for anyone who smacks of celebrity?

Fame and infamy are somehow intertwined. Notoriety seems to draw as much attention as honor – or maybe more.
But that’s gonna change one day.

Take a look at today’s Bible promise.

At the Name of Jesus,
of those who are in Heaven
and on earth and under the earth.
(Philippians 2:10, NASB)

One we catch a glimpse of Jesus – face-to-face – I’m guessing we’re all just gonna fall flat. No matter how many talented artists have tried to capture His glory visually, I’d be willing to bet no one has even come close yet.

None can compare. And I can hardly wait.

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