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God Directs = #21 of 30 Days of God's Promises

Rabbit trails can be my undoing.

What’s a rabbit trail?

A rabbit trail is a detour, a tangent, or a winding way that takes one way off course. This isn’t just the fascinating side trip, which frequently leads to a worthwhile adventure or learning experience. No, a rabbit trail usually winds up in a dead end and a whole lot of wasted time and energy.

Remember the White Rabbit in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland? This high-energy, but easily distracted hare frequently arrived late to important engagements.

Why? He followed rabbit trails!

Rabbit trails seem to pop up everywhere – when one is trying to work.

As a self-employed professional, I spend plenty of time on my computer. My responsibilities call for plenty of research, fact-checking, editing, sourcing, networking, and promotion. But the internet can be a black hole of distractions.

I can be intently focused on a project, only to glance at the folder tabs at the top of my computer screen and find myself lured away by a wholly different deadline or distraction. When I work on deadline, I have to switch off the sound settings on my system, just to keep notification alerts from pinging me away from the task at hand.

How I need God to direct my steps – in my walk of life AND my daily details.

Sometimes I wonder if it may take a lot more focus to look to God in the smaller things than in those major life decisions.

When we face an important crossroads, such as a potential long-distance relocation or a career change, we usually stop and pray first. Or at least, we know we should.

But it’s easy to skip that critical communication with our Creator, Shepherd, and Lover of our souls, when we’re plunking away in our daily routines.

Today’s Bible promise offered me a reset, pointing me back to the Source of all wisdom for guidance in things both great and small.

Trust God from the bottom of your heart. 
Don’t try to figure out everything on your own. 
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, 
everywhere you go. 
He’s the one who will keep you on track.
(Proverbs 3:5-6, MSG)

Maybe you memorized this verse in the past, using a more traditional Bible translation. In most Scripture versions, this passage refers to God’s guiding or directing His follower’s path. I love that concept. But for today, I chose The Message, because I appreciate the reminder that God can keep even the most easily distracted among us on track.

Oh, Lord. Put me back on Your path … and keep me there today. Help me to ignore those intriguing rabbit trails.

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