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February 1st - Skilled and Willing

Skilled and Willing

(Exodus 35 - 38)

Moses and the Offering to Build the First Tabernacle

Public Domain Clip-Art

Today’s reading details the collection of the materials, recruitment of workers and construction of the Lord’s Tabernacle. Moses instructs the people exactly as God has instructed him.

Amid the intricate delineation of the project, a few phrases seem to leap off the page, as they are repeated so frequently. How many times (particularly in Exodus 35) can you find these phrases?

“all who were willing”

“the Lord has given skill and ability”

Of course, the phrases may appear in slightly different wordings, depending on the Bible translation you are using. But the twofold emphasis is clear.

Who is willing?

God has no staffing problems. With tens of thousands of heavenly hosts at His call, the Lord could certainly accomplish His work on earth without enlisting human aid. Still, He allows men and women to participate in His plan.

What is the primary prerequisite for serving the Lord? All He requires is a willing heart. Where does one obtain a willing heart? A truly pure and willing heart comes only from the Lord.

David prayed this way:

“Restore to me the joy of Your salvation,

and make me willing to obey You.”

(Psalm 51:12, NLT)

David also asked the Lord to make his heart pure and willing, so he could honor the Lord in truth:

“Accept, O Lord,

the willing praise of my mouth,

and teach me Your laws.”

(Psalm 119:108, NIV)

Millenia later, the Apostle Peter urged leaders to serve willingly as well, so that their service would please the Lord:

“Care for the flock that God has entrusted to you.

Watch over it willingly, not grudgingly –

not for what you will get out of it,

but because you are eager to serve God.”

(1 Peter 5:2, NLT)

Could it be, once again, that our attitudes are worth more to God than our actions?

Who has skill?

Throughout the building of the Lord’s Tabernacle, various skilled artisans and other workers were called to participate. Foremost in the process was the recognition that their talents and abilities, both creative and constructive, were God-given.

Once we are able to recognize that our skills and talents, our abilities and assets, come directly from the Lord, how can we not be willing to use them in His service?

Who has more than enough?

Moses encountered an astonishing dilemma, once the people caught the fever of freewill offerings of their time, talents and treasures to the Lord. The coffers overflowed with surplus resources.

In fact, Moses had to order the people to stop giving.

What would happen in our churches, our ministries and our communities, if willing hearts were unleashed in full force? What might be accomplished?

What would the world say, if ministry leaders had to instruct people that the accounts were overflowing, and folks were to stop giving? Can you just imagine?

Will you pray with me?

Mighty Lord,

You hold the keys to the universe.

You are in need of nothing.

But how we need You.

How blessed we are

That You are willing to include us

In Your work on earth.

Enlarge our hearts,

And remind us to be willing

When You call us

To give,

To serve

And to obey Your leading.

Only You are worthy.


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  1. Willing and obedient and THEN HE will equip! ..... It is all in the attitude of the heart....... HE is looking for people with a heart condition turned toward HIM...... HE sees our hearts............ Guard your heart the word tell us....... guard your heart......

  2. thanks for visiting me! you have quite a few blogs goin' on here:O) I love the whole idea of a blog just for 'memes'.

    great post! Lord, I too ask for a heart made willing to love & to serve by You Father and for You!

    smiles, Deanna

  3. Hello, so glad you stopped by, I love to meet new friends:) Love your post on willingness. Yes we need to have a willing heart, to take the steps that are ordered for us, yes? You have a great blog. . very nice to meet you please stay in touch:)

  4. Thanks for stopping by the B log. I have visited some of your blogs. Girl, you have a lot going on. You are a ready writer. I really like what you are doing on this one, especially the 'will you pray with me?' How beautiful your heart is echoed in these prayers. I know the Lord smiles as you type words to Him. You honor the character of our Great God. I love to hear someone speak highly of our God. Many blessing to you! B