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February 4th - The Welcome Wave

The Welcome Wave

(Numbers 3:1-13 and 7:1 – 8:26)

Have you ever done “The Wave” in the stands of a baseball, basketball, football, hockey or soccer game? This team spirit exercise starts in one section and continues, row by row, until the whole crowd has stood and waved. Can you just imagine who this show of unity and enthusiasm might encourage the home team on the field?

In ancient Israel, the wave was a completely different entity.

Throughout today’s Bible reading, we have found references to the wave offering. The Levite priests would make sacrificial offerings, both animal and grain, and wave the offering before the Lord. Afterwards, the consecrated meat or grain would belong to the priests and their families. This was God’s provision for feeding the Levite clans.

How might we participate in wave offerings today?

In many congregations, folks will applaud, rise to their feet or raise their hands during the music or message. Some may wave flags, streamers or other items during worship as praise offerings to God.

Although believers’ primary intent may be to honor the Lord by such actions, they may also encourage those who are serving Him. Any believer who offers a welcome wave, whether with a single hand or otherwise, surely affirms the faith of those who are ministering, as well as the Lord.

Isn’t personal affirmation as nutritious as meat or grain, at least spiritually and emotionally? And doesn’t our willingness to worship wholeheartedly bless the Lord?

Can we give God a hand?

God does not need our help, to be sure. But He certainly desires our enthusiastic participation in His service.

Think back to your childhood, when you were a student in elementary school. If a teacher asked a question, what did you do? If you knew the answer, how did you respond?

Most likely, you raised a hand. If you were a particularly eager student, you might have thrust a palm straight for the ceiling, while squealing, “Ooh! Ooh! Call on me!”

How I long to volunteer for the Lord, when He asks.

“Ooh! Lord, call on me!”

"Here am I. Send me!"

(Isaiah 6:8b, NIV)

Will you pray with me?

God of wonders,

God of all,

How awed and amazed we are

Whenever we behold You.

May we be quick to answer

When You call.

May we honor You

And those who serve You


Here we are, Lord,

Even as You are calling us.


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1 comment:

  1. I love this, Linda! I will never wave the same again. I guess I never really paid much attention to the wave offering. I love reading and learning over here!