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Serious – God's character from A to Z

I love a good joke. Maybe it’s genetic. I come from a family of good-natured, fun-loving folks. We poke fun at ourselves and at each other. We have elevated sarcasm to an art form – but our love and commitment to one another is without question. We’ll jab with jokes, but we’ll go to the mat for each other in a heartbeat.

Trace back as many generations as possible, and the pattern is clear. It’s an ancestry of amusement, a parentage of pranks, and a lineage of lunacy, but in an altogether healthy way. Often, those outside our circle of kin won’t quite understand all of the humor or the conversational shorthand we practice. Clearly, it can be hard to connect the dots without having the history.

I am grateful to have a heritage of humor.

Maybe you have a similar funny family. Count yourself blessed, if you do. It’s a super balance for surviving all the stress and supercilious nonsense in our world. And maybe it’s OK to have trusted loved ones bring us down a few pegs once in a while, restoring our perspective and sense of reality.

Nothing is sacred to my clan … except God. And He absolutely is, without question. We may be silly stooges on other subjects, but we are surely serious about God.

God is serious.

God takes truth seriously. He is holy and mighty and sovereign. For all of us, solemnity goes hand in hand with true faith.

This proverb says God mocks the proud. I’m not sure that’s His favorite humor style, but the great Jehovah surely opposes those who target others to raise themselves. He sides with those who are broken and humble and open to His help. He’s against self-interest in any of us.

“He mocks proud mockers, but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.” (Proverbs 3:34, NIV)

Maybe that’s the Master’s mockery, giving self-elevating souls a reality check. That’s not really humor per se.

I think the Author of all good things clearly has a wonderful sense of humor. I would guess His most clever comedy brings people up, rather than tearing them down. Someday in Heaven, I believe we will begin to get His jokes. And I would wager that it’s a fair bet we will be chuckling right along with our sweet Savior for a very, very long time.

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