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Efficient – God's character from A to Z

Look up “efficient” in the dictionary, and you will find words like these: accomplished, adept, capable, competent, deft, expert, facile, handy, ingenious, organized, productive, proficient, skillful, well-organized, and up to snuff.

Individually, those terms may not capture the entire meaning of efficiency. Put them together, though, and the gist is clear. Someone who is efficient makes the most of everything.

God is like that.

God doesn’t waste anything. Not even time. Not even when things feel to us like they take forever. His plan is perfect, and so is His timing.

Sometimes He even gives us clues about His plan for our lives, just to keep us on-track.

God is efficient.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28, NIV) 

This oft-quoted verse, memorized by so many Sunday schoolers, is frequently recited to claim that the Lord is committed to ironing out every sticky detail, every discomfort, and every disappointment in our lives immediately. How often do we try to pray God into a corner (as if that were not the most ridiculous concept to consider), calling out Romans 8:28 like a covenant for our own convenience?

The preceding verses (Romans 8:26-27) point to the will of God and how the Holy Spirit intercedes for us (essentially translating our prayers) to make them fit God’s plan for us. Romans 8:29-30 talk about God’s ultimate purposes for our lives, including salvation, justification, sanctification, and ultimate completion in Christ. Those are big theological words, but they’re all about God saving us from sin and self and growing us closer to Him for now and forever.

In His efficiency, our most Excellent God works through the wonderful, the wearisome, the weird, the woeful, the wild, the whimsical, and even the wicked things that happen to us. In the end, He will have woven an intricate pattern that traces our days and draws us to His own heart.

Maybe God is more concerned about the condition of my heart than whether the traffic light stays green long enough for me to zip right through it. Perhaps He allows me to be stuck in a round-the-store grocery line, simply to place me next to someone that needs a little lift today. Do fender benders, flat tires, skinned knees, or even bigger mishaps mean God isn’t paying attention or keeping His promise to guide our lives and protect us?

Not at all.

Sure, the Almighty cares about the little details of our lives. The Lord hurts when we hurt. I think He jumps with jubilation when we experience pure joy. Either way, in His efficiency, He promises to work it all out in His time.

Thank God we’re not in charge here.

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  1. God is wonderfully efficient. He ties all the loose threads together and weaves a beautiful picture of our lives that we will only fully see on the other side. I trust Him to work all for me too; even on days that I can't see the big picture.

  2. What an encouraging words! Thanks!