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Rabbit trail time: Reflecting on the restroom rumpus

Let’s talk about his and her restrooms for a moment.

Bear with me. As I write this, an ongoing debate is raging in the news and all over social networking. The whirlwind is all about washrooms provided by various businesses for public use. 

Only it’s not really about that – or, it’s not only about that.

When did the public restroom become a test-room for public policy and a cause for such unrest?

On the surface, the focus is on welcoming people of all kinds into the bathrooms of their choice, no matter what genders they are, have been, desire to be, or claim to be. But that's not the real issue.

One camp says the issue is about LGBT acceptance and freedom of gender identity. The other camp claims predators (of any gender or sexual persuasion) will seize upon this newfound lavatory liberty to fake their gender identities and harm others in bathrooms. (No one seems to be mentioning this much, but the new policies also include fashion fitting rooms in certain stores.)

I find it almost astonishing that bathrooms have become battlefields.

That’s how far our society has sunk. We’re fighting about restrooms. No one seems sure where this public potty policy (or commode controversy?) will lead, but it’s pretty clear we’ve all gone to pot.

I’m not aiming to plunge into this debate here or flush out raging comments from either camp. I just feel the need to state a few basic suggestions:

1. Parents, please accompany your own youngsters into bathrooms and fitting rooms. Whether potential predators are present or not, it’s a sound policy. There’s a reason plenty of people (even adults) don’t visit public restrooms alone anyway (except for one-seater bathrooms). Simply put, a public privy is seldom private.

2. Respectfully stating one’s position on matters of faith and ethics is important. Standing up for principles counts for plenty, and we should all do so with intelligence and compassion. A little research reveals this isn’t just a one-store policy. It’s possible to aim for a target, but still miss the mark. Instead of wondering what’s under someone else’s clothes, can we wrestle with what’s in our own hearts?

3. No matter what bathroom or fitting room you feel you fit, God wants to welcome you into His own household of faith. He loves you, and He invites you to enter His presence by His grace.

Maybe it’s time for believers to leave the toilet talk for a moment and step up in faith.

We need to approach the one and only holy throne of grace, interceding for our whole nation. Let’s call on the Almighty to turn hosts of hearts to Him. Let’s bring faith and grace and mercy and godly love out in the open and bring rest and refreshment to all those who need His living water – no matter which water closet they choose to visit.

We can, and we must. And it’s time.

“All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him, for dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations.”(Psalm 22:27-28, NIV)

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  1. You made a tub full of #1 points, and all in one inSTALLment.
    (You asked for it!)