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Yes, I'm Yelling - 30 Days of Thankfulness

Boy, do I hope this image has PhotoShopped. Even so, my heckles are up. As a Christian, I have to say this hurts my heart.

Take a look. This photo’s been all over Facebook and other such sites.


Yes, I am one of those traditional sorts. I’ve been known to holler out “Merry Christmas” throughout the Advent season. I even belt out a “Happy Birthday, Jesus” now and then in December.

That’s what Christmas is all about, the incarnation of the Holy One.

But I find this most unholy.

So we interrupt this season of gratitude, along with this “30 Days of Thankfulness” blog post series, for a moment of righteous indignation.


That is seriously messed up. 

Now, I won’t claim to be a good Christian. And I won't point fingers – or Christmas trees. I wouldn’t even begin to guess where this sign might have been found. Maybe it was PhotoShopped, after all.

Perhaps it’s all a bad joke.

But I’d guess my Lord weeps to see such signs. I’d be willing to bet He’d be pleased to see Christmas trees going up in all sorts of homes on the days leading up to His birthday.

And Jesus said unto him,
Forbid him not:
for he that is not against us
is for us.
(Luke 9:50, KJV)

I’m thankful for yelling … when it absolutely must be done.

And I am grateful to God for His grace, which He mercifully lavishes upon any who recognize their need for it. 

Oh, and that includes me.

For what are you thankful?

Christmas Trees for Christians?
Widely Circulated Fair Use Photo
Thankful at Thanksgiving
Adapted from public domain artwork
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