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Minding Mindbogglers - 30 Days of Thankfulness

OK, I admit it. I don’t have all the answers. No one does, except the Omniscient One. That may sound obvious, but it’s a daily quandary for many.

Mysteries abound for mankind, particularly when we consider divine questions.

Here are a few of my favorite examples.

  • How can God be everywhere at one time?
  • How can Jesus be fully God and fully man?
  • How can one God have three Persons?
  • How does the character of the Old Testament God fit His New Testament revelation?
  • How was the Bible penned by humans under divine dictation?
  • Is salvation predestined or left to man’s own choice?
  • Will the faithful be raptured before or after the Great Tribulation?
  • Why was evil allowed to exist in the first place?


Theologians like to call such questions paradoxes.

However you label them, these are the hidden secrets of faith. Maybe some of these answers will be “both” or “and.” The supernatural explanations may boggle the mortal mind.

They are the wonders to be revealed in eternity, the questions we tuck away to ask someday in Heaven.

Most of all, these are the proverbial leaps of faith. We love to think we have things all figured out, but will we believe God, even when we do not fully understand Him?

For the wisdom of this world
Is foolishness to God.
(1 Corinthians 3:19a, NLT)

Could the existence of these seemingly inexplicable issues actually be an indicator of God’s might and His mercy? Personally, I’m glad God holds the answers to our every question, even if He has chosen to reveal the truths on His own timetable.

Behold, I will bring it
health and healing;
I will heal them
and reveal to them
the abundance of peace and truth.
(Jeremiah 33:6, NKJV)

In the meantime, I’m thankful for marvelous mindbogglers.

These mysteries may drive us to depend more fully upon God. If we cannot yet see the entire picture, we may be more likely to recognize our need to trust Him with our lives.

Still, I can hardly wait to see the missing pieces.

For what are you thankful? 

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