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Eyes on Eternity - 30 Days of Thankfulness

Every day, I find myself refocusing my eyes. I’ve tried bifocals, trifocals, progressive lenses, and everything else the opticians can propose. Most of the time, I search all over for my reading glasses, only to find them stuck atop my own head.

The real issue is not about eyesight, anyway.

True vision seems to have little to do with our eyes and more to do with our perspective.

I’ve seen this firsthand, because I’ve been blind, or nearly so. (Here’s that story: Optic Neuritis: A Look at Sudden Blindness.)  I know the scary sensation of struggling to see. And I know the head-to-toe happiness of healing, having found my vision restored.

 But enough about eyesight.

Vision and perspective depend upon focus. When we focus on facts, we face frustrations. When we focus on feelings, we grow flustered. When we focus on our foibles (or those of others), we falter at futility.

I’d bet this doesn’t surprise the Father at all.

The Apostle Paul said this about focus.

Things that are seen don't last forever,
but things that are not seen are eternal.
This is why we keep our minds
on the things that cannot be seen.
2 Corinthians 4:18, CEV

I want to see more clearly. I’d love to read without glasses and to look at long-distance sights without squinting.

But, still more, I’d love to see God. I want to catch His vision for the world. I’m eager to grab onto His eternal perspective.

I want to see what cannot be seen.

I’m thankful God can help us set our eyes on eternity.

Take off my blinders, Lord. Life really is a whole lot bigger than the stuff I’m trying to spot. I’m craving a peek.

For what are you thankful?

Bright Eyes by Franchasar
Creative Commons Licensing
Wikipedia Commons Photos
Thankful at Thanksgiving
Adapted from public domain artwork


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